Saturday, October 3, 2009

YunXi's Birthday Celebration

Thank you Ken for fetching us to Pavillion
Thank you Sky for waiting an hour and a half for us..

We met at TGI Fridays for lunch.
And we had a BLAST!
Yunxi got the shock of her life when the staff there sang her a birthday song, thanks to me.. =p
Oh, and the Clam Chowder was FUCKING AWESOME!

Don't you just adore the expression.

I heart Sky.

We laughed and chatted, and YunXi pontianak-ed all the way..
Causing us to die with laughter too..
Until Sky had to leave.. T_T
We miss his teaching so so so so so much...

Anyways, we did play about the steps in Pavillion.

Anyways, walked straight to Times Square ( In my heels mind you.. ) and went right to the fake FishSpa.
And YunXi created havoc there.
And scared a malay couple away.

I literally had the best day of my life.

P.S: This was the best pic of the day.

Happy Birthday babe once again!
Totally heart you.

P.P.S: I did not post it on Facebook, so i didn't do anything wrong. =p

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