Saturday, October 10, 2009

PohPoh's Birthday

Happy Birthday to my beloved grandmother!
I heart you so much...

We went to JunKee's as always to have dinner.
And some relatives from Malacca came over too!

Had some karaoke sessions and stuff.
So altogether it was quite fun as we cousins get to see each other. ^^

Me and dear Shirley.

Yvonne and Michi and yours truly.

we 四千金s.. LoL!

AhDong, PeiWern and Mua..

All us Girls. Too bad Shann and JingYi weren't there. T_T

Shirley, Shann, PeiWern, Me and LiL'J

The super LengZai in Pink! (I feel short.)

And finally, the black-and-white photo of me and my little Kitty boy.

P.S: Special thanks to Shirley for the pics. xD

P.P.S: I just realized there weren't any pictures of me and my grandmother.

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