Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rachel's Farewell Outing

FINALLY we get to go out with Rachel... T___T
She was always left out either because she was working or too busy with stuff..
Now she's going to Pangkor for 4 months!!
No Christmas for her either, the poor soul...

Anyways, we lepaked in Pavillion and went over to MOF for dessert!
Walked around abit and then went to Dragon-i for lunch..

I was on a tight tight tight tight tight budget, and was tempted to eat plain rice.. *sobs*
Seriously, having no money to shop is NO JOKE!

Plus, Rachel who was not helping went around and bought stuff with her c.card...

At the entrance of Pavillion.

This is All Fifi.. Pffttt!
Yes, we tagged Fifi in Facebook.. LoL!

Ooops, I didn't know the chef was there.. (And look at mah reflection!)

reflected mirror in Dragon-i..

Also, photos of Pinky, Rachel, Sue and Me!! ^^

Omg, I ADORE the lighting!

So after Pavillion, I dragged the three of them to Times Square..
And on the way we passed Sg.Wang.
They had this Digi thingy going on and they were giving out free stuff...
I pulled Sue to get one, but instead we got pulled on stage and it was the ULTIMATE embarrassing moment for us..
We played the Rock, Water and Duck (a.k.a Rock, Paper and Scissors) game and had to act the things out..
But I won 2 umbrellas and a bag, so I'm not complaining.
Sue and Pinky even had tickets to the AAR concert..
Yours truly however can't go because I will be in Kampar.. *sob sob sob*

A photo of me and the DJ!

Photo of the Day!

This was photo of the day not because of me. Notice the other expression! LawL!

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