Friday, October 16, 2009

KLCC with BabyC

First of all I would like to express my EXCESSIVE OVERWHELMING happiness because my baby is back.. ^^
He did not buy anything for me in Sabah though.. *pouts*

SO we went to KLCC, which is the only damn place I could go because I was on a bloody budget..

And FYI, I dropped by KI awhile to say hi to my lecturers and friends.. xD
God I miss them so much..
And my Foundation life.. *Sighs*

Anyways, today was OUT of the ordinary..
Because I dragged baby to Petrosains..



What, I was feeling random...
Even as I got back my sis was like.. "WTF jie?"

Plus, I got discounts for the ticket because I hazz teh UTAR student card..

He was late.. LoL!

The famous Petrosains Dinosaur. (I was actually friggin scared of it..)

*Insert Nerdy Outerspace Name/Group/Game here*

I izzzz GLOWING!! Okay fine, my pants are glowing..

Ohya, we went to the art gallery too!!

For our Late Lunch/Early Dinner, we went to 台湾小吃 or Little Taiwan in Avenue K.
I felt obese after...
OMG, I izzzz FAT!!! T____T

I was feeling a little vintage-y.. =p

Picture of the Day

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