Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Deepavali

God, Deepavali is like, a day before I'm heading back to Kampar a.k.a Deadville..

And our dear Mala was ever so sweet to invite us to her house on Deepavali.
Sunantha on the other hand ran off to Thailand.. xD

So Karen fetched me and YunXi to Mala's house, and we bought a cake for her on the way as a gift for inviting us..
Before that, I ate the Dragonfruit that YunXi tanam-ed herself for generations and while I was eating she just HAD to say some of the WORST things possible..

YunXi: I tell you hor, yesterday I ate the whole dragonfruit because I was to hungry..
Me: *munch munch*
YunXi: Then when I went to the toilet, my shit was the same colour as the dragonfruit..
Me: *stares*
YunXi: I thought I was suffering from internal bleeding.. Wuahahahahaha!
Me: *turns blue*
Karen: *shouts* YUNXI ARRR, Denise eating at the back you say like that..
YunXi: *ignores Karen* And summore arr, can see the seeds on it..
Me: *faints*

After the drama, we arrived at Mala's house.
She was welcoming us in her Sari!! Tak boleh kalah wey!!
Then we went up, and sat there talking and creating havoc in Mala's house while her mum and sister were preparing the dishes for us.

In the pictures you can see clearly how I was sapu-ing the Kambing, which in my opinion is THE best thing I love to eat.
Those other vegetarian dishes were AWESOME too Mala..
Thank your mother for me again!! xD

Karen requested this pose, don't ask why.. =p

So YunXi, Mala and Karen talked and talked and yours truly on the other hand was hooked on this tamil show that was airing during that time..
When suddenly Mala's mum came out with the Sari that Mala bought for her..

So, as expected...
I wanna try it on.. ^^
And Mala's mum said I looked like the mannequins in Kamdar..

We went back at around 5, because YunXi and Karen had other places to go..
Thank you Mala once again!!

And Happy Deepavali!

P.S: Mala, I want the Papadom!

Quote of the day, as quoted by Mala's mummy:

" YunXi look like Japanese Chinese,
Denise look like American Chinese..

Mala: Karen leh?

Karen arr, look like Malaysian Chinese.."

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