Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Battlemage and The Trapper

Well apparently, I couldn't go out with Stan because I was broke.. T_T
And to think that i could've watched Surrogate and have lunch, for free...

But anyways, we were creating havoc in Dragonica..
And was print screening at every damn place.

Port Of Winds

Don't you just ADORE the fountain.. ^^

Clubbing. LoL

Hurting each other.

Taking pictures with hot chicks that hits her ass from time to time.

And some other interesting stuff..

But I still prefer the old version of Dragonica..
This new one is hard and I think I lost my interest in playing..
If it wasn't for my guild buddies.. ^^

P.S: Stan arrr, next sem break we go out gaigai.. xD
P.P.S: Maybe next time I have inspiration i go create a Dragonica storyline. LoL!

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