Friday, October 9, 2009

Mid Valley with Pingky and Sue

Thank god I was wearing sport shoes.
All the way to Mid Valley was EXHAUSTING!

Plus, I was starving and was craving for Paddington House of Pancakes.
And it practically ROCKS!!
I mean yours truly is a HUGE fan of pancakes, and to think that I can eat it with meat is, well... Fantastic.

Texas. ( Chicken and Mash Potatoes and Ham and Cheese and Pancakes.)

And the cute cute cute cute dessert.

We besties!!

Pingky, enough.. Me and Sue need to talk to you also!

Oh, and I was called a slut by a transvestite who was working in Nichii.
I think she/he tersalah sangka I was talking bad about her/him behind her/his back.

Not that i care. *sticks tongue out*
I AM a slut anyways.

The Playboy thingy they were having. It's a Lambo y'all!!

Me and Pingky resting at the GuaiLingGou shop.

So we went to the Garden's later to find the cute cute Cupcake shop namely Delectable.
And sorry for the ugly pic, they don't allow pictures to be taken.
They also customize cakes, they are SO Purrty!!

RM28 for 3 cupcakes. Aren't they ADORABLE!

RM15 for this. I think the flavour is Ginger with Crackpepper and something something.

Oh, and this is the blog of the cupcake maker. ^^
Everything is UBER UBER cute!!! Kyaaaah!!

Me and Sue went to TS for awhile after that.
And went back with freaking exhausted looks on our faces.

P.S: Su was left by mua and Pingky in the KTM. Tak sempat serbu masuk.. LoL
P.P.S: I saw Esther and the gang.. ^^

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