Monday, February 22, 2016

Went Bananas in the Year of the Monkey

#nowplaying Ed Sheeran - Tenerife Sea

Today marks the last day of Chinese New Year, and how did it go? I'm like really old now lmao, so one thing about CNY as you grow older (and not having that many relatives) is that it gets a teeny bit boring. To the point I spent most of my time with bubs and my friends instead.


Well, the first two days were of course with the fambam. Dropped by my stepmom's house on the first, and then visited poh poh on the second. Poh-poh's really sweet as usual, and every year us siblings are really keen to drop by. Well, because of the food. She makes a really kick-ass "sambal" gais!

And then we also celebrated Kitty and Panda's birthday, which falls on the 12th and 14th of February. Yeap, on Valentine's day heh. Because all of us are abstaining (for Lent) and we couldn't have meat, we decided to have a simple buffet at MAIU instead. Thank Jesus we're alright to have seafood.

Photo taken really long time ago, shows that we don't really take photos together. We quarrel too much hah!

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Met up with Daph earlier last weekend, because I needed someone to talk to. Sometimes it's weird that we have similar life problems, and the best we can do for ourselves is to hear each other out. And trust me, it helped a tonne.

Did a few house visits this CNY too! There was one I wanted to skip in particular, most of those who were there knew why. True enough, when I stepped in I hear things like eh so how's the work? Not done yet? Call lah, better make sure. *hissss* Just an FYI, we're not slaves. Another FYI, the bloggers are not your slaves too. So stop being rude.

Couldn't wait till I leave that gathering honestly, although I love the owner of the house to bits. But this really ruined my CNY.

Happy Valentine's! Well, we kinda did not celebrate it (yet) because I don't normally celebrate Valentine's on the day itself. I hate the crowd, and I hate the hiked up prices more. But we got each other something, and that kinda counts. =)

Yesterday marks the 3 months that we're officially together. And it couldn't have been better. I'm really blessed that I've found someone that can tolerate my moodiness, AND PUNS. Love you lots for stepping into my life.


Monday, February 15, 2016

I Miss Them Beer-y Much.

Happy Birthday Addy!

#nowplaying Shoop - Salt-n-Pepa

This fella right here has been my partner in crime for more than a year. Honestly we both were a bit upset when we left. I remembered when he was still a newbie, more than half a year later he became my boss heh. We had the silliest times, and of course some serious ones as well.

It was his birthday recently so we decided to meet up!

Went through the drinks menu and I’ve tried almost everything except Chang Beer. So yeah why not. Did you know that Chang in Thai actually means elephant? This is because it’s an animal with cultural and historical significance in Thailand.

Chang beer is also the top selling beer in Thailand, so if it can’t go wrong for all those Thais, it can’t go wrong for us too lol! For all you football fans out there, I’m sure that you are aware that Chang is also the main sponsor for the Everton Football Club too.

Say hello to Lance! Another one of the guys that irritates us to no end, but we still love him just the same. =) Nothing’s the same without him!

For me, I do enjoy having a beer once in a while, it certainly doesn’t beat having it with the right company. And when two of them come together, it certainly makes for an afternoon that can’t go wrong.

Catching up with Addy and Lance has certainly managed to brighten up my day, we may not spend as much time as we used to while working in the same company, but whenever we meet it’s like we’ve never left each other’s side. It’s important for us to grow as individuals; whether it’d be career or relationships, however one should not forget that we are all crafted by the company that we surround ourselves in.

P.S: Couple sandals with Addy. 
P.P.S: Add me on Snapchat! @denisejlee 

Hey, lookie who tagged along after. =p

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

It's here!

#nowplaying Can't Keep my Hands to Myself - Selena Gomez

By here I mean Ash Wednesday. So yah, a month without meat I go. Yesterday bubs offered a piece of his pork chop to me and I kinda stared at it, only to realise that I was not supposed to have it lol! Now I know how meleis feel. And amen to papa bubs for always packing fruits for me. *wipes tears* You da best.

Just finished my meal from Salad Atelier.
Gotta start working. *groans*

Well, maybe after coffee. Heh.


Saturday, February 6, 2016

Hello 2016!

#nowplaying Hymn for the Weekend - Coldplay

Goodness it's been awhile! Hello blog, I'm sorry for neglecting you since *checks last post* last April. What inspired me to come back? Should be this morning I guess, but I'll save that for later! Where tf should I even start?

The Ups and Downs:

Well, I broke up half a year ago. Wasn't that upset tbh because I was waiting for it? There will come a time you'll know when your other half is not 'The One". Things change, people change too. We tried fixing it, but when the time came both of us agreed to let go because hey! It's for the best.

Trust me when I said I wasn't upset about it lol. Why? I was half working in Project Space (a cafe fyi) and half looking for a job.

If you guys are wondering: Why Space wtf it's in Subang #jesuschrist .

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It's mainly because of Daph honestly. When I was still in Nuffnang I remembered my first meet up with her. Not going to mention the brand but it was for a removal campaign, and she was grumpy af. Time passed and I hung out at her cafe so often even the baristas and ground crew knew me. I'd set meetings there, and then spend the rest of the day finishing up whatever work that I have.

I miss those times. =)

Nuffnang, no. Let me rephrase that. Tim helped me realise something when he offered me the role of a Talent Manager.

How's it like being a Talent Manager?

On the outside, of course it's tons of fun! The events and hanging out with the bloggers. But at the end of the day, after all that socialising and client entertaining comes the workload. Trust me when I mention workload, I do MEAN workload.

TMs not only attend events btw, we have to handle the bloggers and manage their expectations as best as we can. Imagine having to handle different types of people, with different schedules and requests, from different clients. The amount of e-mails and procedures we have to follow. D:

Don't get me wrong, the bloggers are total dolls! And I love all of them to bits! =) Imagine them going off on a trip and coming back with treats for the Nuffies. Ahhhh, such sweethearts.

On the clients end, we have to again take into consideration the campaign and make sure it's smooth all the way. Don't forget we also have to adhere to the company's beliefs and policies wtf it's never ending. We're like middle men for middle men.

Anyway, what did the role do to me? I knew more about how to handle people (grumpy ones included), and also it greatly improved my socialising skills. There's a phrase I go by: "Take responsibility for that energy you take into a room."

Before I was definitely loud, but I was just an extroverted introvert. #geddit Now I'm just, me. Heh.

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Yeah, you.
The one who left me a note in my phone this morning. It might just be a simple "I love you", but it means the world!

Bubs and I work in the same line and most of the time we're too busy. It's either he has to stay up really late, or I have to wake up really early. We don't even talk as much anymore but oh wells, at least we still get to see each other. =)

So yah, I guess that concludes most of what's happening? Heh.

P.S: Decided to drop the word 'signing off' because too many people are using it ugh.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

[Contest]Avantgarde Leatherworks

Psstt, there's something fishy going on around here.
If you've noticed I've been posting tons of #ootds recently.

Because I'm obsessed with my new clutch.

Yeap, pretty much my #ootds for the past few weeks.

I take my baby out for lunch too fyi.

What I wore during bubs' birthday. The clutch matches my outfit oh so perfectly!

So hey, you can definitely pull off them #ootds because Avantgarde Leatherworks is giving out the exact same clutch for FREE.

Here are the few simple steps to be the lucky one to win yourself a leather clutch!

1. Follow them on both Facebook and Instagram
2. Share the link to this contest (this one) on your Facebook or Instagram page and tag or mention them in the post.
3. Email them at with the link to your social media post along with your personal details (Name, IC and Contact). The title of the email should also be [CONTEST] Win Camel Coloured Leather Clutch
4. Please make sure your social media accounts are set to public yeah.

Contest ends at 9pm on April 10th, 2015.
There's still time left, sooooo whatcha waiting for!

bunnymama signing off

Friday, February 13, 2015

9 Seputeh

Careen, bunny and Bobo

A pre-New Year post yay!
Have been working non-stop because there has been tons of campaigns that needs to go live before CNY. 
This was taken a day before Valentine's too heh.

Me this morning because I had to drive the new Honda to KBCG. 
I was really worried, but in the end I got it to them safely. Phew.

JENERIS by Ahren, Green Tea Latte

Rushed over to Nu Sentral with Jack for the next shoot. Will be bunnysitting Careen and Bo.

Here's Jack, everybody's kuli lmao.

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A screenshot when Micheal was checking the edits hah!

Nu Sentral's decorations were really pweety and old school!

Also bubs got me roses for pre-Valentine's ngawww.
Totally didn't leave him the strongest hint for this. *whistles*

bunnymama signing off

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Langkawi Wildlife Park

I've been wanting to blog for the LONGEST time but was really busy.
So I'll be starting 2015 with the cutest mini zoo I've found with bubs in Langkawi.

Normally you will see animals looking sick and unhealthy in most of the petting zoos, but I was really really pleased and proud of this one! Here you go with spammy furry photos of the cuties they have inside:


*squeals* I never knew mousedeers aka Sang Kancils are THAT cute!

Getting up close with the flamingos.

Bubs told me this reminds him of Angry Birds. I agree.

I saw this pretty little thing and and instantly went "I WANNA PET IT"
In which I did because he's a sucker for leaves.

The Bunny Enclosure 
I am a HUGE bunny enthusiast #chehwah and when I visit places that has bunnies I take extra notice of how they look like. Sometimes I get upset when I see patches of fur gone from bunnies, or infections. And even at times when I see adults letting their kids man-handle bunnies in the wrong way.

But this one right here, has the liveliest ones around! When me and bubs entered they hopped around and started standing up and sniffing. *sigh* So cute I don't even.

So anyways, if you're looking for something to do in Langkawi you should definitely head over here. The staffs are friendly and the animals are well cared for!

Entrance fee
Screenshot taken from their page here.

You can look for Langkawi Wildlife Park here:
Lot 1485, Jalan Ayer Hangat,
Langkawi 07000, Malaysia

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Urbanscapes 2014

The bunch of crazies that went Urbanscapes with me. =)
It's more like a reunion to me actually heh.

An expensive reunion that is.
Being someone mainstream I'd like to see what Urbanscapes is all about. Panda went to the last one and she told me that she loved it. She didn't attend this year's one because the line up wasn't really her thing.

Paperplane Pursuit

We've seen them a couple of times, but nothing beats that feeling when John jumped down the stage for a selfie with the fans!

OJ Law

Hello cutiepie OJ and Liyana.

Local Natives

Bubs told me they were awesome


Aaaaand the final act, which was really really awesome!

We got in late so we missed Jumero. *sobs* I knew about them when I was at Merdekarya and I told Kenneth and Daniel that they should head over and watch them perform first! Kenneth came back much later with their CD heh.

Psychedelic bunnies. Me like.

An awesome group photo with Enwei's GoPro. God bless that thing.

Bunny's #ootd
A photo posted by Denise Justine (@denisejlee) on

Till the next Urbanscapes maybe?

bunnymama signing off

Friday, December 5, 2014

Gift pour NoΓ«l

"What if Christmas, he thought
Doesn't come from a store?
What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more?"

- Dr. Seuss

Christmas is around the corner woot woot! And honestly speaking, people like me normally ONLY have our Christmas shopping done the week before. *shrugs* I know it's a bad idea, but I definitely do not have the time now that I'm constantly running in and out for events. I've also noticed malls and stores alike are throwing discounts all around town to offer the best deals for all of us shopaholics out there.

I for one, enjoy my working environment and one of the reasons why is because that we're really flexible in terms of what we're supposed to wear to work. Hence sometimes you'd catch me walking down the street in hoodies, cute pastel dresses and sometimes even formal dresses. We do have our lazy days and also days where we're supposed to dress appropriately for events.

Now that I've experienced a change in my career, I'm no longer hiding behind computers. This means only one thing, lesser lazy days for me! D: There was one day where I dramatically threw open my cupboard doors (Sabby was judging me from the bed) in search of a proper outfit for an event. I was in a hurry too mind you and all I found was a sundress and a cardigan. I went to the event feeling a tad bit annoyed and also with less confidence.

Therefore, I came up with a list of stuff I have to have at least before next year:

Photo Credits: Leifsdottir

Having a cropped blazer imo would definitely make yourself look less huge. I have broad shoulders by default, therefore wearing a blazer would make me look like King Kong. Which also means that I look like I have no figure whatsoever once I put on the typical oversized blazer. Yes it makes you look smart, but why not opt for a cropped one instead which has the same effect but way cuter?!

Photo Credits: Michael Kors

I have a sudden obsession over MK lately and I couldn't explain why, especially if the stuff comes in black. I walk by their shops in Pavilion and I sigh. Black handbags, or in this case a black messenger bag works wonders for women because it matches with almost ALL of our outfits! Definitely adding this to the list. *hint hint*

Photo Credits: Estee Lauder

Another thing that I'd really really like is a set of perfume! I've been using my Tommy Hilfiger one for YEARS (since my days in college, which makes it around 4 years maybe?) and I'd love to have a change of brand. I've caught a whiff of Modern Muse and I already fell in love!

So yeah, in my list of wants includes a blazer, bag and a perfume. If you'd ask me about what I want last year it will totally be something else, but hey, opportunity came knocking on my door and things change. =) I too understand that Leifsdottir, MK and Estee Lauder is kinda hard for a last minute Christmas gift to get. Why not find something easier from ZALORA? Did you know that ZALORA is currently offering awesome deals online just for Christmas, and what's best is that it's just a click away!

Bunny #ootd

Sequins anyone?

Me and Tux wearing matching colors!

Top from Zalora, by Zalora
Grey Skirt from Panda.

Photo credits to Enwei for being such a doll.

bunnymama signing off